The Rock Project is the UK’s premier school of rock and pop and was founded in Denbigh, North Wales in October 2005. Since then, The Rock Project now boasts numerous schools around the UK and has taught thousands of young people.

The Rock Project Lincs, run by Ben Thorogood, opened in September 2019!

Prior to this, Ben found his identity as a musician during his early teens. Through the multitude of lessons that the practice of learning an instrument can bring, he has grown to realise that music is a vital and crucial tool for the development not just of children, but all people.

Ben began his musical journey by learning drums and percussion, leading to him starting many bands in his hometown of Bourne, Lincolnshire. Through these early endeavours, Ben began trying his best to pour music into his community by getting involved with as many events as possible; local festivals, school productions, folk nights, open mics and functions, just to name a few.

Amongst all this however, the deputy head-mistress of the school he attended, asked Ben if he would be willing to pass on his knowledge to the younger years who couldn’t afford private lessons. In doing so (and taking on his first three students), Ben saw how powerful music could be to connect people and widen their eyes at the possibilities life brings.

Ben promptly began studying at the Academy of Contemporary music, studying Professional Sound Production, learning the ins and outs of how sound works.

Post-graduation he found The Rock Project and fell in love with the passion that everyone within it brought. Surrounded by like minded individuals and supported by incredible musicians Ben has decided to bring The Rock Project home to Bourne where he intends to build the musical community up and bring it together in hopes to inspire and guide the newest generation of young, creative individuals to pursue their passions.